Ontario Splake Fishing

A Splake is a cross between a Brook Trout and a Lake Trout. The Splake seems to follow the feeding behavior patterns of the Lake Trout and also prefers to live in deeper cold water like the Lake Trout but physically every Splake looks a little different. Some can look exactly like a Brook Trout while others look just like Lake Trout. One thing is for certain; they fight hard and taste fantastic. They have been described as a mild tasting Brook Trout.

The Splake seems to have taken the best physical trails of Lakers and Brookies to make a kind of super trout. When they were first stocked by the MNR back in the 70s it was thought that a Splake could never get over 3 pounds. To their surprise, Splake is well known to get well over 10 pounds with the Ontario record being 20.71 pounds. In Lucy Lake, guests commonly catch Splake in the 2 to 5-pound range. Their colors can range from dull to brilliant but most Splake looks more like Brook Trout and have beautiful colors.

In the spring the Splake are right on the surface. As the water warms up they head deeper. In the summer, Splake that are actively feeding will be down around 40 to 50 feet deep, which is easy to fish with our deep-water trout tips.

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