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Ontario Fly-In Fishing

Ontario Fly-In Fishing

We have Ontario fly in fishing outpost camps on lakes north of Nakina (now Greenstone Township) and in the heart of the best fishing region of Ontario. The secluded fly-in fishing lakes area and famous rivers offer incredible fishing and spectacular views.

Ontario Fishing

Boats, Motors & Saftey

Our boats are 14-foot deep-&-wide-hull Nadens, which is Canada's version of the Lund. They are very sturdy and roomy and built extra tough swivel seats with backs. There is also a 14-foot Naden portage boat down below the first out-flow rapids at Dusey.

Most motors are new Yamaha 9.9hp 4-strokes. Some camps have 2-stroke Mercury or Yamaha motors. We try to keep one brand at one camp.

By law, all boats are required to have a safety kit with floating rope, waterproof flashlight and a whistle. The boats are also equipped with anchor, paddles and bailing can.


Nobody knows how to cook Walleye better than professional fishing guides and people that are experienced Walleye Fisherpersons. Good thing we believe in sharing!

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