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Wayner Lake Outpost

Wayner Lake Fly-in Outpost:

  • NEW: 12v Solar power for lights, shower, running water at the sink
  • Number of Cabins: 1
  • Max Occupancy: 4 people
  • Flight Time: 50 minutes north of Nakina
  • Max Depth: 25 feet
  • Shoreline: 18 miles
  • Fish Species: Walleye, Northern Pike, Sturgeon & Whitefish
  • Best Known For: Non Stop Walleyes action, Monster Northern Pike over 50"

Wayner Lake is non stop Walleye and Northern Pike action as well as fishing for Sturgeon and Whitefish. This lake has produced Northern Pike over fifty inches. The cabin sleeps 4 people.

Wayner Lake is a fabulous fishing lake. It's just stuffed with Walleye, Trophy Northern Pike, Whitefish and Sturgeon. It was traditionally used only as a Moose hunting camp and has been left as a lake that is practically un-fished. You can expect to find fishing just as good as it was a hundred years ago. The fishing in this lake is so good that we want to keep it that way so the lake has been designated as a catch-&-consume only lake. That means you can catch and eat as many fish as you want while staying at the cabin but you cannot take fish home with you.

Wayner Lake is just north of the Ogoki Reservoir and the Sketch River, which runs through the lake, flows into the Ogoki River. The river is constantly supplying the lake with fresh water and food along with providing perfect spawning habitat.

Walleyes average around two pounds but during a day of catching fifty to one hundred fish you should get a few Walleyes over five pounds. During a week of fishing you will catch a few in the six to eight pound range and a few lucky guests will catch trophies over ten pounds.

Wayner Lake is deep enough to hold large populations of Whitefish. Massive Northern Pike migrate through the river to the lake to feed on them. This lake has a good population of pike but its claim to fame is the availability of giants. You should catch a fair amount of Northerns in the five to ten pound range if you are targeting them and maybe a twenty pounder some time during the week. There have been Northern Pike over twenty-five pounds caught and released in this lake.

There are Sturgeon and Whitefish in the lake. Whitefish can be taken with tiny jigs or in the early spring they can be taken on the surface with a fly. Whitefish can get up to five pounds. Sturgeon are night feeders. They usually hide in the deep during the day and at night go up into the river or alone the shore to feed. They are most common in the forty to eighty pound range. There have been Sturgeon caught in the Ogoki River that have exceeded one-hundred and fifty pounds. You just need to cast out a bait at night and let it sit on bottom while you enjoy a campfire.

Wayner Lake camp is an ideal area for Moose hunting. The riverbanks and lake shores have a lot of Moose feed. (WMU 17).

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