Ontario Fly in Moose Hunting Outfitters

Ontario Fly in Moose Hunting Outfitters

Almost every year there are a few bulls with a 50" spread or bigger are taken from our camps. But most bulls taken run from a 44" - 48" spread.

Our moose tags are sold out for the 2022 season. We do have availability for outfitted hunts for moose hunters that have Ontario resident moose tags.



  • Please call us on the availability of adult Moose tags, package price, and flying rates. We offer Unguided Moose Hunts.
  • Residents with their own tags are welcome to rent open outpost camps and cabins at Walleye Cove.
  • Check-in 2:00 pm, check out is 10 am

Hunt Includes:

  • Accommodations in our Base Camp cottages or outpost cabins
  • Orientation on the hunting area
  • Boat, motor, and gas
  • Flying out your Moose quarters
  • Meat locker for drive-in locations
  • We have seven fly-in cabin camps, three fly-in spike camps, and one camp you can drive to for hunting moose. Our non-resident adult Moose tags are for WMU 17, WMU 18A & WMU 18B.

Non-resident Moose Hunting Dates:

  • WMU 17: All start on September 20 (Rifles, Shotguns, Bows & Muzzleloader)
  • Please Note: Season for Ontario residents starts on the 18th for WMU 17
  • WMU 18A: Bows only start September 18 - Rifles, Shotguns & Muzzleloader start Oct 11
  • WMU 18B: Bows & Muzzleloader only start September 18 - Rifle & Shotguns start Oct 11

Not Included in Fee and Package:

Hunt Preparation:

  • Canadian Firearms Declaration Form: Download the CAFC 909 form
  • Phone toll-free 1-800-731-4000 for more information on the forms
  • Canadian Firearms Declaration Form Continuation Sheet: Download the CAFC 910 form
  • Please Note: Do not sign your declaration form until the customs agent asks you to.

What to Bring:

  • Bring a valid hunting license and outdoor card. This is required to issue you a non-resident hunting license.
  • Warm Clothes (Never know what the temperature will be)
  • Hunter Orange hat and vest (camo orange is not acceptable in Ontario)
  • Previous hunting license CN or US
  • Weapons of choice, gun or bow
  • Soft gun case or bow case (legal requirement)
  • Bug jacket and repellent
  • Rain Gear
  • Extra Footwear/Gloves
  • Flashlights (Batteries) (Waterproof flashlight is best)
  • Binoculars
  • Coolers & Cheesecloth Bags for meat
  • Hunting knife/sharpener
  • Fishing rod and tackle
  • Food & Drink
  • Don't forget to bring stuff to cook fish with. Fishing for tasty Walleyes is awesome at all our camps.

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