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Canada Fly-In Fishing: Walleye Cove Lodge & Fly-In Fishing Outposts

Canada Fly-In Fishing: Walleye Cove Lodge & Fly-In Fishing Outposts

Ontario Canada Fly In Fishing

Walleye Cove Lodge

This lodge features three large fully-equipped housekeeping cottages on Lower Twin Lake, ten miles north of Nakina, and offers outstanding fishing for Walleye and Northern Pike as well as many drive-to locations for Brook Trout and Lake Trout.

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Ontario Canada Fly In Fishing

Ara Lake Outpost

Ara Lake is around 30 minutes flight northwest of Nakina and one of the top Walleye lakes in Ontario. The cabin is strategically located so that it's just a short boat ride to Meta Lake, where the fishing is almost as good as Ara. Ara Lake has been producing a lot of Monster Northern Pike and it's fantastic Walleye fishing seems to get better every year.

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Ontario Canada Fly In Fishing

Dusey Lake Outpost

Dusey Lake is the lake that everybody talks about on fishing message boards but few have been lucky enough to actually fish it. In all fishing groups, there is a difference of interest. Some guys want Walleye, some guys want Pike and others Want Brook Trout. Dusey Lake is the perfect fly-in lake and offers everybody in your group what they are looking for. The biggest Bull Moose to date was harvested at Dusey.

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Ontario Canada Fly In Fishing

Kagianagami Lake Outpost

An hour of flying north of Nakina is Kagianagami Lake. Most refer to it as Kag Lake. Our camp is located at the north end in the narrows between Kag Lake and outflow of the Opichuan River. Kag Lake is an awesome lake if you like Big Walleyes, Monster Northern Pike, Gigantic Lake Trout and nice Brook Trout.

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Ontario Canada Fly In Fishing

Kapikotongwa Lake Outpost

We have a camp on Kapikotongwa Lake, which most people call Kap Lake for short. This is one of the hottest Walleye lakes in Ontario. From the cabins you have many miles to fish. The lake is connected to Tennant Lake and Melchett Lake, which gives ou three top lakes to fish.

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Ontario Canada Fly In Fishing

Marshall Lake Outpost

Marshall Lake is another top Walleye and Northern Pike lake. The fishing for Walleye is just as good as Ara Lake. There is a high population of Perch and Whitefish as well. Marshall Lake also has a reputation for big Northern Pike. There was also a huge Bull Moose shot at Marshall Lake.

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Ontario Canada Fly In Fishing

Teabeau Lake Outpost

Flying out to Teabeau Lake is more than a fishing trip; it's a great adventure and something our guests will talk about the rest of their lives. It's our farthest north and most remote camp. Teabeau Lake is a widening of the famous Albany River. The Albany River is stuffed with Walleye, and you can also catch Brook Trout.

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Ontario Canada Fly In Fishing

Wayner Lake Outpost

Wayner Lake is non stop Walleye and Northern Pike action as well as fishing for Sturgeon and Whitefish. This lake has produced Northern Pike over fifty inches. Wayner Lake is just north of the Ogoki Reservoir and the Sketch River, which runs through the lake, flows into the Ogoki River. The river is constantly supplying the lake with fresh water and food along with providing perfect spawning habitat.

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