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Newsletter & Report Last Updated September 2012

Hi everyone! we are now into September, so it's a good time to post a fishing update!

Our Walleye Cove base-camp, on Lower Twin Lake, is open for business and busy! Fishing has been splendid, with many pike, walleye, and whitefish caught. The most exciting was fly-fishing the white-fish with may-fly imitations, they were pounding them. And oh! What a fight. Hanover lake has fished very well, with many northern-pike over 40" early in the season. Marshall and Ara, provided tremendous action for walleye (as usual), as well as pike to boot.

The big news has been Dusey, the brook-trout have been killing it since we opened in May. Spin-fishing has worked great, as well as fly-fishing! I had the fortune to spend some time on the river with my fly-rod in May. I hooked 15 Specks, in two hours. All of which were in the 3-5 pound class. In June, Mike Borger, and his family, fished Dusey. I was able to spend some river time with them; and it was simply unreal! Mike and I landed approx. 100 brook-trout in two days! He and his family caught many more after I departed. You can see some of the pictures/video on the internet; by typing Dusey river/lake as a Google search. The walleye and pike fishing was excellent in June as well!

We have nearly completed the cabin rebuild and renovations on Teabeau lake. The cabin is now newer and bigger and will provide a much nicer level of comfort. We had a fishing party, at Teabeau, and they have reported great fishing! Brook-trout, pike, and of course, lots of walleye. This is the first we have had a fishing party at Teabeau for quite a few years; so I expect a few lunkers to be captured! We are now open for bookings at Teabeau, and will have some photos of the cabin addition and renovations up on our website soon!

I want to extend a big, "Thank you!", to all of our guests. Have a great year!

Nakina Fishing Report
Nakina Fishing Report
Nakina Fishing Report Nakina Fishing Report
Nakina Fishing Report

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