Welcome to the mobile website for Seven Lakes Wilderness Camps and Walleye Cover Lodge.

Drive-to Fishing:
We have a drive-to lodge called Walleye Cove Lodge on Lower Twin Lake, which has excellent Walleye and Northern Pike fishing as well as lakes and streams in the area that guests can drive to for awesome Brook Trout Fishing. We have a drive-to outpost camp on Hanover Lake, which has awesome Northern Pike fishing with access to Lucy Lake, which is swarming with Splake.

Fly-in Fishing:
We have fly-in outpost camps on Ara Lake, Dusey Lake, Marshall Lake and Teabeau Lake. All four lakes have unbelievable fishing for Walleye and Northern Pike. Dusey Lake is a widening of the Dusey River and Teabeau Lake is a widening of the Albany River. Both have world class fishing for Brook Trout.

Drive-to & Fly-in Hunting:
We offer drive-to Black Bear hunting from our Walleye Cover Lodge on Lower Twin Lake. Hunters can experience great success from our bear-stuffed Bear Management Area, which is over 750 square miles of prime Black Bear habitat.

We offer fly-in Moose hunting at our fly-in outpost camps as well as fall Moose hunting spike camps. We have adult Bull and Cow tags for WMU 17, WMU 18A and WMU 18B.

This mobile site is for quick information. For complete details please view our desktop website or contact us or check out our rates.

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