Nakina Northern Pike Fishing

Fly-in Outpost Camps: There are Monster Northern Pike in our lakes. Every year guests catch & release Northern Pike in the 15 to 22-pound range and once in a while we hear reports of Northern Pike being caught that are 48 and 49 inches. A 49-inch Northern Pike with normal length and girth proportions would be over 25 pounds and a rare fish anywhere in Ontario. We don't want you to expect to catch a trophy Pike that big but the opportunity is there and it does happen.

Ara Lake and Marshall Lake have big Northern Pike and some massive trophies have been caught on these lakes, but we tend to send our guests who want to concentrate on Walleye fishing to these lakes.

Dusey Lake has a ridge that goes right across the west-end of the lake where it drops from 6 to 15 feet deep. Our guests who know about this ridge catch multiple Northern Pike over 20 pounds and sometimes in the same day.

In Teabeau Lake, the water levels are always rising and falling. The Walleyes, Suckers and Brook Trout are constantly moving up and down the river when the flat areas of the lake get shallow. Big Monster Northern Pike patrol the hole just below the first rapids, which is up stream from the cabin. They feast on everything that moves.

Hanover Lake Drive-to Outpost Camp: If you want to catch high numbers of Pike as well as big Pike, then we suggest Hanover Lake. Hanover Lake is a Pike lake. Pike are the dominant species and are found everywhere in all sizes up to big trophies in the 15 to 20-pound range. The northeast half of the lake is nothing but 4 to 10-foot deep of Muskie Cabbage, which comes hundreds of yards out into the lake. There are also some sandy Wild Rice beds where the Pike spawn.

Walleye Cove Lodge on Lower Twin Lake: There is a good population of Northern Pike as well as some monsters in the lake. Usually any lake with Whitefish produces big Pike because Whitefish are oily and are a rich reward. There are 20+ pound Northern Pike in the lake and in actual fact, one of the biggest Northern Pike ever caught in Ontario was caught & released off the dock at our lodge. It was 56 inches long and over 40 pounds, which is just 2 pounds less than the Ontario Record Northern Pike.

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