Nakina Moose Hunting

Both guided and unguided Moose hunting packages are available for WMU 17, WMU 18A and WMU 18B. Ontario residents with their own tags are welcome to rent one of our cabins if available.

We have fly-in Moose hunting at our outpost camps on Dusey Lake and Miska Lake. We also have three fly-in spike camps for serious Moose hunters that don't mind roughing it a little bit. Fly-in hunting is mainly done from boat or walking well used game trails or burn areas. The fishing for Walleye is excellent at these camps. Our fly-in groups almost always get their Moose.

We also have drive-to Moose hunting from our Base Camp on Lower Twin Lake and our outpost cabin on Hanover Lake. Moose hunting out of our Base Camp gives you multiple Moose hunting landscapes to explore. There are endless miles of old logging roads, logged areas, burn areas and ATV trails, which allows you to go way back into the bush.

2012 Moose hunting success rate for guided and unguided was 80%

Moose Hunting Package:

  • Please call us on availability of adult Moose tags, package price and flying rates. We offer both Guided Moose Hunts and Unguided Moose Hunts.
  • Residents with their own tags are welcome to rent open outpost camps
  • Check in 2:00 pm, check out is 10 am.

    Moose Hunt Includes:

  • Accommodations in our Base Camp cottages or outpost cabins
  • Orientation on hunting area
  • Boat, motor and gas
  • Flying out your Moose quarters
  • Meat locker for drive-in locations
  • We have four fly-in cabin camps, three fly-in spike camps and two camps you can drive to for hunting moose. Our non-resident adult Moose tags are for WMU 17, WMU 18A & WMU 18B.

    Non-resident Moose Hunting Dates:

  • WMU 17: All start on September 20 (Rifles, Shotguns, Bows & Muzzleloader)
  • Please Note: Season for Ontario resident starts on the 18th for WMU 17
  • WMU 18A: Bows only start September 18 - Rifles, Shotguns & Muzzleloader start Oct 11
  • WMU 18B: Bows & Muzzleloader only start September 18 - Rifle & Shotguns start Oct 11
  • 2011 Moose Dates Chart for Ontario

    Not Included in Fee & Package:

  • Export Fee - $35
  • Non-Resident Moose Hunting Lisense - $438.28
  • Taxes
  • Food & Drink (Housekeeping Cabins)
  • Firearms Declaration Form (see below)
  • Damages to any equipment beyond normal wear and tear from use will be billed to the guest.
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