Fly-in Outpost Camps

Are Lake is around 30 minutes flight northwest of Nakina and one of the top Walleye lakes in Ontario. The cabin is strategically located so that it's just a short boat ride to Meta Lake, where the fishing is almost as good as Ara. Monster Northern Pike are available as well. Jumbo Perch and Whitefish are also available. There are guests that have claimed to catch 100 Walleye in a day.

Marshall Lake is another top Walleye and Northern Pike lake. The fishing for Walleye is just as good as Ara Lake. You will find points and weedy areas where it's just one Walleye after another. This is a lake where if you really wanted to you could pull in 100 Walleyes per day. Marshall Lake has a reputation for big Northern Pike. This reputation is justified by all the 20-pounders that get caught and released. Northern Pike are very common in the 2 to 7-pound range.

Dusey Lake is the perfect fly-in lake and offers everybody in your group what they are looking for. The Walleye fishing is non-stop. The most common size Walleye is in the 16 to 20-inch range but there are some big trophy females in the lake and guests do catch walleyes in the 25 to 32-inch range. Guests have pulled out five 20+ pound Northern Pike in one day. There is great Brook Trout Fishing in the river. Brookies are common in the 1 to 3-pound range but have been caught in the 4 to 5-pound range.

Teabeau Lake is a widening of the famous Albany River. The Albany River is stuffed with Walleye. Not only can you catch more than you can imagine, the most common sizes are 22 to 25 inches. Depending on how fat the Walleye is; you are looking at an average of 3.5 to 5 pounds. Our guests have caught many 20+-pound Pike. With the exception of that one Monster Pike that was caught at Base Camp, all the biggest Pike come from the Albany River. There are 25 to 30-pound Northern Pike is this river. The Albany River is the top Brook Trout river in Ontario. Trout are common in the 1 to 4-pound range. Guests do catch 5 and even 6-pounders. Occasionally, 7 and even 8-pound Brook Trout get caught but a Brookie this big is very rare.

All outpost cabins are fully equipped with propane lights, propane stove and refrigerator. There are pots, pans, dishes, coffee pots & cups, strainers, stove-top toasters, cutlery, can openers and everything else you need. The beds are bunk beds with mattresses. You need to bring your own pillow, sleeping bag and bedroll cover. There is also a large kitchen table with benches and chairs. In the center of the cabin is a wood burning stove for heat. There is a small generator capable of running indoor electric lights and charging the battery system, which runs an electric water pump. The pump sends water to the kitchen sink or the shower. The water is heated by a propane on demand system.

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