Drive-to Outpost Camp on Hanover Lake

Hanover Lake is a Pike fishing fanatic's lake. Northern Pike are the dominant species and the Pike are everywhere. The shape of the lake, the species of weeds and the depth are perfect for Northern Pike to proliferate in great numbers and grow big. Hanover Lake is basically a 60-foot deep hole that gradually gets shallower into massive weed beds of Muskie Cabbage and Pickerel Weed. The whole east end of the lake is a large weed-bed that jets 100 yards out into the lake. In the weeds you will find plenty of Pike in the 2 to 8-pound range. Out on the edge of the weeds and around the island you will get into bigger Pike and many of our guests report catching multiple Northern Pike in the 8 to 20-pound range. Because it's a little harder and more time-consuming to take the hook out of a Pike, guests can expect to catch over 60 Pike in a day.

Even though Hanover Lake is a drive-to lake, it's still very remote. It's a 40 miles drive north of Nakina and into a wilderness region where very few people venture. It has a really big and roomy log cabin constructed with the classic saddle-notch design. At present we only put groups of 2 to 4 people into the camp because we want to minimize the fishing pressure on the lake. The cabin itself is big enough to fit 10 people easily. The cabin is fully equipped for housekeeping with propane lights, propane stove and refrigerator. There are pots, pans, dishes, coffee pots & cups, strainers, stovetop toasters, cutlery, can openers and everything else you need. The beds are bunk beds with mattresses. There is also a king size floor bed with mattress and box springs. You need to bring your own pillow, sleeping bag and bedroll cover. There is also a kitchen table with benches and chairs. In the center of the cabin is a wood-burning stove for heat.

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