Nakina Brook Trout Fishing

Fly-in Camps:

Dusey Lake is a widening of the Dusey River, which eventually runs into the Albany River, which runs into James Bay. The Dusey River produces Brook Trout of fantastic size by most standards and produces good numbers. Guests have caught many Brook Trout in the 1 to 3-pound range at the falls. There are 4 and 5-pound Brook Trout in this part of the river. The east end of the lake is where the river runs out. Late spring and summer there is a portage that goes to the bottom of the rapids and we have a 14-foot boat and motor waiting for you. In early spring the water will be too high and many feet into the bush and the portage is under water.

Teabeau Lake is a widening of the famous Albany River. Down river from the cabin is Kagiami Falls. In the Albany River, Brook Trout are common in the 1 to 4-pound range. Every year guests pull 5 and 6-pounders out of the river. There have been many reports that Brook Trout as big as 7 and 8 pounds have been caught. We don't want you to think you are going to catch a 7 or 8-pound Brook Trout but it is possible and there is no better place to be if you are looking for an extraordinary trophy Brook Trout.

Drive-to Brook Trout Fishing: Close to Walleye Cove Lodge there are a series of small spring-fed lakes that you can drive to with Brook Trout. You will need to bring a canoe, as motors are not allowed on these lakes. Some of these lakes are considered Artesian Wells and are being protected from any source of pollution. These lakes have been stocked with Brook Trout since the late 80s and now produce Brook Trout up to 4 pounds.

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